Acacia_calamifolia.jpg (60094 bytes)Acacia calamifolia: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is known as Wallowa or Reed-leaf Wattle.

Acacia calamifolia is a tall, bushy shrub that may reach a height of four metres. The phyllodes are narrow, linear, slightly thickened with a prominent mid-vein and a hooked apex. There is a gland, on the margin, about one centimetre from the base.

Flowers are held in clusters of from 30-40 individual blooms. They are yellow and appear from late winter to spring with another burst of blooms in summer and autumn. The specimen in the photo is growing at Yallaroo and flowered for the first time in mid-summer 2013. An occasional pruning is appreciated.

Acacia calamifolia occurs throughout western Victoria with scattered populations in central western New South Wales as well as South Australia. In western areas the seed, from this species, forms a part of the diet of the rare Mallee Fowl.

The Reed-leaf Wattle is similar, in appearance, to Acacia subulata. The latter species does not have hooked phyllodes.

Propagate from seed, treated in boiling water before sowing. Cuttings may also be worth trying.