A.buxifolia.JPG (47186 bytes)Acacia buxifolia: is known as the Box-leaf Wattle and is a native of Queensland , New South Wales and Victoria .
The Box-leaf Wattle is said to be a medium shrub, reaching a height of two to four metres. The form that grows in our part of the world, the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, develops into a small shrub that rarely exceeds a height of one metre.
Its phyllodes are from 2 to 3 centimetres long by 1 centimetre wide with a soft point. Flower-heads are globular, golden yellow and are carried from July to December.
The plant illustrated is growing in our gardens at Yallaroo. This specimen was purchased, as tube stock, from a State Forest Nursery. The plant is notable in having attractive blue-green foliage that contrasts with the golden yellow flowers. We do not know the origin of this form. The local Acacia buxifolia has green phyllodes.
Prune after flowering to keep plants bushy and blooming bounteously.
A foreground position in a native shrubbery would suit the Box-leaf Wattle.
Propagate from seed or cuttings. We will be propagating our colourful foliage plant from cuttings to ensure that this desirable characteristic is retained.