A.amblygona.JPG (45895 bytes)Acacia amblygona: is a member of the Mimosaceae family and is widely distributed in New South Wales and Queensland . The Flora of Australia Volume 11a records an occurrence in Western Australia but this has to be confirmed.
Acacia amblygona is usually a low, spreading shrub. The specimen illustrated was growing in the Pilliga Scrub in central New South Wales . This population has a more upright growth habit.
The phyllodes are dark green, rigid, almost triangular and prickly. Flower heads are globular and bright golden yellow. Flowering occurs between July and October. The seed pods, that follow the flowers, are curved or coiled and constricted between the seeds.
This is a very showy Wattle and could be cultivated in native cottage gardens or rockeries.
A prostrate form is sometimes available. It is a registered cultivar and is known as “Austraflora Winter Gold”.
Propagate from seed and cuttings. The prostrate form has to be grown from cuttings to maintain the prostrate growth habit.