A.Bushwalk_Baby.JPG (42278 bytes)Acacia Bushwalk Baby: is a prostrate form of the well-known Acacia pravissima, the Ovens Wattle.
Acacia Bushwalk Baby has a spread of about 1.5 metres. The phyllodes are wedge-shaped and grey in colour. Masses of yellow flowers are carried in spring.
Acacia Bushwalk Baby could be cultivated in containers where it will spill out of the pot. This attractive ground cover could also be grown on embankments and below other native plants in shrubberies. The dense foliage will help to reduce evaporation and reduce weed growth. It has proved to be tolerant of drought and frost.
The foliage and flowers are identical to the “conventional” upright Acacia pravissima.
Propagate from cuttings to preserve the ground covering growth habit.