Acacia baileyana is also known as the Cootamundra Wattle and comes from Southern New South Wales.  The Cootamundra Wattle develops into a small to medium tree with grey-green foliage and golden flowers, which appear in late winter. The species could be cultivated as a specimen tree. Prune after flowering to maintain bushy growth and maximum flowering. Sometimes the Cootamundra Wattle will invade bush land and has become an environmental weed in some areas. Pruning before fruits develop will avoid this problem. Two interesting forms are available. One is known as “Purpurea” and has purplish juvenile foliage. The other form develops into a dense ground covering carpet. In late winter, at Yallaroo, this form is one of our most spectacular plants. This ground covering form could be grown spilling down an embankment. Propagate from seed.