A. paradoxa.JPG (55201 bytes)Acacia paradoxa:  is known as the Kangaroo Thorn and it certainly is a prickly customer. The species was previously known as Acacia armata. Acacia paradoxa is a pendulous, medium shrub with short phyllodes. At the base of each phyllode there are a pair of prickly stipules that give the plant its painful effect during close encounters. The large, deep yellow, globular flowers appear in late winter and early spring. Kangaroo Thorn is a beautiful shrub when in flower. The prickly nature of the plant makes it an ideal refuge species for small native birds. Kangaroo Thorn could also be used to restrict both human and animal traffic. It is probably too prickly for the smaller town garden but would be an ideal addition to a native hedgerow in a large town garden or rural property.
Acacia paradoxa
occurs along the slopes and tablelands of New South Wales, over most of Victoria and extends into South Australia and Queensland. It is naturalized in Tasmania. 
During the flowering period Acacia armata is one of our most eye-catching Wattles.
Propagate from seed.