A.mabel.JPG (52360 bytes)Acacia mabellae: is known as Mabelís Wattle and was named after Miss Mabel Cambage the daughter of R. H. Cambage a surveyor and botanical collector. He collected the original specimen in the early 1900ís form southern New South Wales. Mabelís Wattle has been one of our horticultural surprises. We germinated a number of seeds and scattered the resulting plants throughout the garden. We have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Mabelís Wattle has proved to be a tall spreading shrub with large phyllodes that have reached a length of 200 mm. Each phyllode has a prominent gland near the base. Large, globular, yellow flower heads cover the plant in spring. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features.  Acacia mabellae could be grown as a specimen shrub or included in a shrubbery. The species comes from the South Coast and Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.
Propagate this interesting Acacia from seed.