A.lineata.JPG (27011 bytes)Acacia lineata: is known as the Streaked Wattle. The common name is thought to refer to the appearance of the nerves of the phyllodes. Acacia lineata is a small spreading shrub reaching a height of about one metre with a similar spread. The phyllodes are small and tightly clustered along the branches. Bright yellow flowers appear in spring and they cover the branches hiding the foliage. The Streaked Wattle is a breath-taking feature, in the garden, when in flower. Try cultivating this species on an embankment, in a native shrubbery or in a large native cottage garden. Acacia lineata is common in central New South Wales with scattered occurrences in Queensland and South Australia.
Prune after flowering to maintain the dense growth habit and encourage bounteous blooming.
Propagate form seed or cuttings. We have found that Acacias with small phyllodes will strike readily from cuttings.