A.ixiophylla.JPG (18469 bytes)Acacia ixiophylla: is a medium, upright shrub and is a native of the Tablelands, Slopes and Plains of New South Wales extending into Queensland. The species also occurs in Western Australia. This is a very strange and disjunct distribution. Acacia ixiophylla has sticky phyllodes that are about 30 mm long by 6 mm wide. There is a gland at the base of each phyllode. Bright yellow, globular flowers appear in spring. Acacia ixiophylla is a typical shrubby Wattle suitable for cultivation in shrubberies and native hedgerows. Both foliage and flowers are attractive features. As with most Wattles, prune each branch behind the flowers as they fade. The species name means similar to the genus Ixia.
Propagation is by seed and probably cuttings.