A.ingramii2.JPG (28033 bytes)Acacia ingramii: is a rare wattle that only occurs in and around the gorge country, east of Armidale in northern New South Wales. Nearly all the population is protected in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park. Acacia ingramii is a tall, dense shrub or small tree with linear phyllodes about 100 mm long and with a small hook on the end. The phyllodes often carry two glands on the margin. One is situated near the base and the other about halfway along. In spring Acacia ingramii becomes covered with bright yellow, globular flowers. Acacia ingramii lights up the eastern gorge country in spring. It is one of the most spectacular floral displays in northern New South Wales. The species will also light up your garden and could be cultivated as an eye-catching specimen plant.
Propagate from seeds and possibly cuttings. We are still experimenting with Acacia ingramii cuttings.