A.imbricata.JPG (24442 bytes)Acacia imbricata: has proved to be a horticultural surprise. We bought a plant about 12 months ago and at the time of writing (August 2001) the specimen is becoming covered in golden flowers. Flowering commenced at the base of the plant and buds are progressively opening along each upright stem.  The plant is about one metre tall. The plant was a cutting grown plant, which probably accounts for its early maturity.
Acacia imbricata is a native of South Australia and will normally reach a height of two metres. The small, oblong phyllodes are crowded along each stem. In spring the golden flower smother the foliage. After flowering, we will prune our plant to keep it at a height of about one metre.
Acacia imbricata is small enough to cultivate in most gardens. Rockeries, native cottage gardens and as a foreground plant in shrubberies are ideal situations for this splendid wattle.
Propagate from seed or cuttings. We will certainly be undertaking cutting propagation. Eventually specimens of Acacia imbricata will scattered throughout the gardens at Yallaroo.