A.howittii2.JPG (21072 bytes)Acacia howittii: is one of the Sticky Wattles, so called because of the varnish-like coating on the phyllodes.  Acacia howittii is a graceful, tall shrub or small tree with pendulous growth habit. The sticky phyllodes are light green in colour and oval shaped. In spring to plant is covered with globular, pale yellow, scented flowers. The foliage exudes a pleasant perfume on hot summer days and after rain.  Acacia howittii is a handsome wattle. The growth habit, foliage and flowers are all attractive features. The species could be cultivated as a “stand alone” specimen, as a component of a native hedgerow or as a screening plant. There is a row of Acacia howittii in the Canberra Botanic Gardens that efficiently hide a toilet block. A sign is needed so visitors may find their way to this necessary facility.
Acacia howittii is a rare species that is native to Victoria. It has proved to be drought tolerant and frost resistant. Light pruning, after flowering, will maintain the attractive growth habit. There is an interesting dwarf form known as “Honey Bun”. Propagate the “normal” form from seed or cuttings. “Honey Bun” must be propagated from cuttings to maintain the dwarf growth habit.