A. filicifolia.JPG (25961 bytes)Acacia filicifolia: is one of a number of species known as Black Wattles. It is also known as the Ferny-leaved Wattle and develops into a tall shrub or small tree with light green bipinnate foliage. In mid-spring plants are covered with bright yellow flowers. Acacia filicifolia is one Wattle that will sucker, especially if the roots are disturbed. There is a rural subdivision east of Yallaroo where Acacia filicifolia has regenerated in huge numbers. This area is a blaze of colour in spring.
Acacia filicifolia is an ideal plant for windbreaks, shelterbelts or as a canopy species in native hedgerows. Its suckering habit means that Acacia filicifolia will form bird-protecting thickets.
The Coast, Tablelands and Western Slopes of New South Wales and Queensland are home to Acacia filicifolia.
Propagate from seed. As with all spring flowering Wattles, the seeds mature in mid-December.