A. dawsonii.JPG (28795 bytes)Acacia dawsonii is native to the Northern Tablelands of NSW as well as other parts of NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Large populations occur along the road to the coast, east of Armidale. Acacia dawsonii is a small erect shrub with long narrow phyllodes and yellow spring flowers. Each head is composed of four to eight individual flowers. Most Acacias have many more flowers/head than this. Acacia dawsonii has colonised a road cutting east of Armidale and in this exposed situation has developed into dense mounded shrubs. They are helping to reduce soil erosion on the cutting. Acacia dawsonii could be grown on embankments, as foreground plants in shrubberies and informal hedges. Pruning, after flowering, is appreciated. Propagate from seeds and perhaps cuttings.