A.boormanii.JPG (25702 bytes)Acacia boormanii: is known as the Snowy River Wattle. As the name implies (at least to Australian readers) this species comes from the alpine country in southern New South Wales and northern Victoria. The Snowy River Wattle develops into a medium, many-branched shrub with grey-green foliage. In spring, Acacia boormanii becomes covered with golden yellow, globular flower heads. The Snowy River Wattle has become very popular in cultivation because it has proved to be hardy, fast growing and extremely free flowering. As with all wattles, prune this species after flowering to keep the plants bushy and blooming bounteously.
Acacia boormanii will sometimes sucker. In some parts of the gardens at Yallaroo a single Snowy River Wattle has developed into a golden yellow group of plants. The foliage is another feature of this colourful wattle.
Propagate from seed and probably cuttings.