A View from Yallaroo
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An important note: Sorry we do not sell plants. Our site is purely to provide information on the Australian environment in general and on Australian plants in particular.

Our email address: yallaroo@activ8.net.au

This is the view from our front verandah looking west. 

Yallaroo is situated on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales west of the university city of Armidale.

August 2009

Our web site has grown considerably since its inception in 2000. We feel that it is time more up to date information was provided. 

Yallaroo was purchased about 16 years ago and since then the garden has increased considerably in size. We have not yet reached our target of four hectares (ten acres) but the area under cultivation has reached nearly half that size. 

We now have visits from numerous organizations including garden clubs, bird watching groups, and professional organizations. In any given year we have between 200-300 visitors. University students use our regenerating bushland for research projects. In 2001 we were the Australian Broadcasting Commission's Gardeners of the Year. This was an Australia-wide competition. Every fortnight we conduct a talkback gardening programme on the local ABC radio network. 

Propagation (by seed and cuttings) continues. at least 90% of our plants are propagated on site. New varieties are continually added to the garden. 
As the garden has developed we have welcomed a steady stream of native birds and other wildlife. Many native birds are not only living in the garden but also nesting in close proximity to our house. The garden has proved to be a source of great interest, pleasure and satisfaction.

The web site allows us to communicate our horticultural and environmental adventures to a wide audience. At present we average over 100 hits/day and every month the site is visited by people from over 40 countries. 

We are happy to answer any questions regarding Australian plants and our unique environment. Our email address is above.

We are leaving the original information below this latest entry because the aims stated there, for both the garden and web site, remain the same.

Thank you for your interest. Warren and Gloria Sheather.

We are passionate about the cultivation, conservation and propagation of Australian native plants. These passions have developed over many years and resulted in the purchase of Yallaroo about 10 years ago. Yallaroo was originally a cattle and sheep grazing property and has an area of 64 hectares (160 acres). All domestic stock has been removed and the majority of the property is reverting to eucalypt woodland. We are planting an area of about 4 hectares (10 acres), surrounding our home, with a wide range of Australia plants. This area will increase as more garden beds are established. Yallaroo is an Aboriginal word meaning beautiful flowers. 

We have lived on Yallaroo for about six years. Our house is situated at an altitude of 900 metres, which is the highest point on the property. The title photograph was taken from our front verandah. The range of wildlife visiting Yallaroo has increased as the native vegetation regenerates and our gardens develop and increase in area. Four species of kangaroos and wallabies now visit Yallaroo as well native birds, frogs, reptiles and insects.

The purpose of this web site is to communicate information about our horticultural activities, describe the wildlife visiting Yallaroo, research into propagation methods and delve into environmental topics including descriptions of Australian National Parks and other reserves.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and we welcome comments, suggestions, ideas and questions. Our aim is to add items on a regular basis. There will always be something new to view and read.

Yours horticulturally and environmentally.  Warren and Gloria Sheather.